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I work from, and within, particular landscapes as prompts for me to make abstract images which are expressive and decorative in intent and not necessarily  descriptive. I start by working directly from the landscape, working outdoors in watercolour and ink. Working from these studies in the studio, the source of the  imagery becomes less important as the considerations of painting become imperative: thus, the process of making the painting adds to its meaning and  possibilities, and the imagery grows more speculative and invented.   I have always worked with watercolour as I like its simplicity and purity, and the purity of response that it encourages in the act of painting. I like the fluidity of the  medium and its contrariness. The immediacy of the medium allows for intuitive and inventive interaction between the artist, the subject and the act of painting. I  often combine this with collage and elements of pasted paper as these allow me to keep the imagery, and its potential meaning, open and provisional.  My home and studio are in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, and my work is often based on direct responses to this unique landscape.  I draw also upon my travels to  places as different as Japan, India and Hydra, Greece.  JIM HUNTER  -  February 2017